13. Inhalation of hydrogen gas H2
The most effective way to consume hydrogen water is through infusion. This requires a small hydrogen generator that produces hydrogen gas in an enclosed system and then pumps that gas through an infusion stone into our drinking water. The generator can infuse an enormous amount of hydrogen gas into the water, making an extremely effective dose in just a few minutes.
Generators can produce as much as 100 times more molecular hydrogen into a glass of water in the same amount of time as an ionizer. The added bonus is that it does not change the taste of the water or add other minerals or metals to the water. The infuser stone is all that is in contact with the water.
We developed the EcoLife Q H2 Inhaler as the most effective method to produce hydrogen gas for drinking, inhalation, and direct-to-skin application for the best price. This machine will produce hydrogen gas.
H2 Inhalation
Tabletop hydrogen inhalation device “EcoLife Q H2 Inhaler" is a high-purity hydrogen generator made for generating hydrogen gas on-site through electrolysis.
By electrolyzing purified water, a concentration of 99.99% of pure hydrogen is generated.
Concentrations of 100mL will occur in one minute. A constant flow of hydrogen is then administered through a nasal cannula.
In addition, it performs an automatic pressure adjustment inside the hydrogen generator, so only pure hydrogen is safely administered. Unnecessary oxygen is then forced out of the apparatus, making this a very safe and secure system.
Hydrogen inhalation therapy shows promise in hospitals across Japan
Clinical research for ‘hydrogen inhalation therapy’ in more than 10 hospitals across Japan has proved it can help patients who have suffered from cardiac arrests.
By Rhea Healy 4 June 2016
The research, initially conducted on laboratory rats in 2012, proved that damage to brain functions and heart muscle tissues was reduced by inhaling hydrogen (H2) after cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
The research accelerated from February this year, and patients who had been resuscitated after cardiopulmonary arrest were given a mixture of 98% O2 and 2% H2 to inhale for up to 18 hours. The research, which is based on a random patient selection process, will continue to be conducted for a further two years with a total of 360 individual cases examined.
Prof. Masaru Suzuki, Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine at Keio University Hospital, explained the details of the clinical study, “It is called the Double Blind Method – we are kept completely uninformed as to which patient has inhaled H2. We are conducting 360 cases, of which half inhale H2 and half do not. The half that do not inhale H2 undergo regular treatment.”
If there is a clear effect, H2 will become a gas medicinal product
which will have a big impact in the field of cardiopulmonary
“We began research in 2013 to see if H2 could be skilfully mixed in with the O2 and air that the patient inhales and we did experiments to see if it could feasibly be administered to patients.”
“Common ventilators usually use platinum sensors for flow measurements but platinum actually becomes a catalyst when H2 is passed through so it cannot be used in this case. Instead, an ultrasonic type sensor was employed to monitor flow measurements.”
“A premixed gas composed of 96% N2 and 4% H2 from a cylinder is mixed with O2 from ventilators prior to patient inhalation.
Inserting more than 4% H2 directly into O2 is dangerous on account of the explosion threshold, so at this stage we are using just 2% of H2.”
Suzuki continued and explained, “Medication dissolves in the blood and is carried throughout the body and there is the possibility that H2 diffuses without relying on blood flow, meaning it can easily pass through the blood brain barrier and even into the brain cells themselves. Additionally, because the heart and lungs are close to each other, when inhaled, H2 has the potential to reach the heart via diffusion, which can then be carried throughout the body.”
“Through experiments on animals, we have discovered that the positive effects from H2 inhalation is high. We would like to clarify these effects on people and verify the effectiveness of this method of treatment.”
the Gas Review, issue no. 419
“If there is a clear effect, H2 will become a gas medicinal product which will have a big impact in the field of cardiopulmonary
resuscitation. Research is moving fast across the world and it will eventually become a combined international investigation.”
“If this H2 inhalation therapy works with cardiopulmonary arrest, it would mean that even under the most severe conditions this
treatment is effective. I think the potential for H2 in medical uses will spread endlessly on the back of this medical research,” he
the Gas Review, issue no. 419
This painless, tasteless, odorless treatment has possibly unlimited benefits for health and beauty.
Offering Hydrogen to customers may help them to feel more refreshed, relaxed and healthy. Hydrogen has a wonderful effect on all skin types. It is as simple as wearing a nose piece.
For the young, middle-aged and seniors, hydrogen has the potential to protect the whole family. From simple day to day prevention of minor ailments to possible disease prevention.
One can breath pure hydrogen while watching TV, reading a book, etc.
Inhalation of hydrogen has potential benefits for healthy teeth and gums by helping treat ailments such as gingivitis and periodontitis. Anti-inflammatory properties may help patients get back to their normal life after a cosmetic procedure by
helping reduce swelling and infection
From professional athletes to weekend golfers, hydrogen therapy may be an effective and specific innovative treatment for exercise-induced oxidative stress and sports injury. With the potential for improvement in exercise performance.
Testimonials come from our customers who have felt and experienced the benefits of hydrogen inhalation firsthand.
We protect our customer's identity and identify them only by age, sex, and city of residence. Some testimonials have been translated.
Age 50- Female (Nagasaki resident) " I could feel the difference after the first visit! During treatment, I could relax and felt sleepy. Now, I leave feeling refreshed and light on my feet!"Second visit. "Stain on my face caused by hormones has become lighter in color. My overall skin condition is very different. Physically I feel great!!"
Age 38- Female (Sasebo resident) "After my first visit I felt much lighter. It is hard to explain the feeling!! I visited the toilet many times to urinate. After my second visit - I worked late and then consumed quite a bit of alcohol, but woke up easily. Feeling great! After 3-4th visit started noticing that my skin was tighter and feeling much lighter. Skin feels much more hydrated than usual. 5-9th visit. Still feel great. Wake up easily every day. Spots on my face have been reduced.
Started menstruating- much heavier than usual. 10th visit. Facial pores are shrinking and my appearance is improved. 12-16th visit. Feeling light on my feet and very alert. My stamina has definitely improved."
Age 40- Female (Saikai resident)First visit. While receiving eyelash extensions at Salon Hilulu. " Body feels so light even after lying down for 1 hour!!! I feel refreshed. Great first impression of Hydrogen. Will come for another treatment." ( Came back following week )
Age 41- Female (Fukuoka resident)
First visit. "I think menopause has started. The last time I had my period was 6 months ago. The next day after H2 treatment I menstruated!! Really?! Shocked and feel relief. Now I need to come to Sasebo regularly."�� Age 37 Female (Sasebo resident)
First to third treatment- "I wondered if I was lighter? Started to feel changes in my body and energy levels, especially in the evening. After work and parenting, normally left me feeling drained but now can read and enjoy the late evening. It is amazing!! Rise early energized. The skin on my face has changed. The texture and complexion are just amazing!! Stomach feels satisfied after just a small amount of food. Has my body's absorption rate increased? (lol) After continuing treatment, my thinking is very clear every day. I can do so much more easily."
Age 40- Male (Sasebo resident) "Didn't feel anything after my first treatment. Woke up in the early morning the next day to use the bathroom. Normally my knees and ankles are stiff and crack while walking. I felt different... younger. Mind also very alert for 4:30 am!! Played sports my whole life. Definitely, have some wear and tear. After several H2 treatments, my golf game has improved significantly. Smooth and stable like I was 20 again!! H2 inhalation after hangover was like a miracle cure.
Hydrogen care salon
2018 - Hydrogen care
Age 21-Female employee (Sasebo resident) Job is to apply eyelash extensions. "My neck and shoulder have become terribly stiff!! The next day after 1-hour hydrogen treatment, I felt relief! All pain is gone. I think hydrogen is amazing!!"
Age 75-Male (Sasebo resident) "My toes are always numb and asleep after sitting. After my 4th visit, feeling much better. After continuing treatment, my circulation is much better and my mobility has improved."
Age 50- Female (Sasebo resident) "Just finished 2 months of hydrogen inhalation. After the first month was shocked by the positive results! My headaches are gone and there is no need to take painkillers anymore. My stamina and daily productivity have increased. My skin appearance has dramatically improved! Even my hair stylist commented after noticing that my hair was stronger. The biggest surprise was after my annual physical. Suffered from Sclerosis and my blood tests are back. I'm off my medication now!!! So shocked. Thank you so much. I will recommend hydrogen inhalation to all my friends and family."
Age 56- Female (Sasebo resident) "My appearance has improved and spots on my face have been reduced. I feel as if my body is much healthier. Was suffering from constipation, but not anymore. I feel great after my hydrogen inhalation campaign."
Age 24- Female employee (Sasebo resident) "Sprained my ankle and was very painful. After 2 hours- H2 inhalation treatment- the pain was completely gone the next day. So surprised!"
Age 40- Female (Hirado resident) After a first and second treatment I did not feel any change. Has been taking medicine for chronic neck pain. After my third treatment, I am no longer taking the medicine! My neck is no longer stiff and a full range of movement has been restored.
Age 47- Female (Hirado resident) "There was no change until my 6th treatment. I noticed how beautiful the skin on my knees has become. Raising children and working has left me very tired, but my sleep quality is improving. I fall asleep easily these days. After my month campaign was finished the skin on my hands is very soft and my face complexion is much brighter. I'm still tired, but being able to sleep is definitely helping."
Age 20's female (Sasebo resident) "I always have chipped nails and split ends. My hair is driving me crazy! After three hydrogen treatments, my nails have become much stronger. Hair breakage is minimal and split ends have stopped. So relieved!! Will continue to use H2 regularly."
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