PeM technology
Hydrogen Water Bottle
Tumbler Capacity 350 mL / BPA free (Tritan Material)
H2 concentration 0.7ppm~1.0ppm, PEM technology
Temperature 0°C~ 60°C
Weight 400g (body weight)
Dimension 75mm X 222mm
Charging time Approx 4 hours
Operating time 5 minutes
Input power AC 100V ~ 240V / 50~60 Hz
Output power DC 3.7v, 900mAh

- PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology with SPE (Solid Polymer Electrolyte)
- Only neutral pH water produced
- Use only filtered mineral, distilled or RO water (No chlorine)

High concentration of dissolved hydrogen of 0.7ppm~1.0ppm
Dissolved hydrogen concentration can be maintained
Ozone is separated by diaphragm (PEM) separating hydrogen from oxygen (Odor free)
H2 Tumbler
Stylish, durable and beautifully designed the EcoLife H2 Tumbler is an appealing H2 generating water bottle which can be operated with ease and confidence. When the H2 Tumbler is in hydrogen generation mode the pleasant blue light illuminates throughout the activation cycle.
The H2 Tumbler, made of BPA free Tritan, is both durable and highly break-resistant even when dropped.
Outstanding features
The cordless design makes it convenient to transport, so you can enjoy hydrogen water during sporting events or while traveling
Charge the battery via USB
In addition to including a power adapter, the device can be operated and charged with the supplied USB power cable. This means it can be charged from a personal computer or similar device (power bank) , so you can take it on a business trip or oveseas vacation.
Body LED
While hydrogen gas is generated, a calming LED light glows in the bottle.
O2 and O3 exhaust vent
This vent ensures tasty and odor free refreshing disolved H2 water.
H2 Tumbler generates
0.7ppm-1.0ppm of hydrogen in only 5 minutes.
When operated twice in succession this device increases the hydrogen concentration in water beyond 0.7ppm-1.0ppm.(700ppb-1000ppb) (The hydrogen concentration varies depending on the water quality and its temperature)
Benefits of H2 Water
Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen
Superior antioxidant qualities.
The smallest molecule.
Selective and targets only “bad” free radicals.
May reduce inflammation and pain.
Support for cellular health.
Activates production of your own antioxidant levels.
Helps inprove energy levels. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP).
Improves performance and recovery time.
Reduces oxidative stress.
Improves hydration.
Compatible with mineral bottles on the market
To generate hydrogen water in mineral bottles, simply remove the main part of the device and attach the plastic bottle adapter (gender). This makes it easier to bring along hydrogen water when on business trip.
PEM/MEA (proton exchange membrane technology with SPE (solid polymer electrolyte)The electrode plate is coated with highly antimicrobial and adhesion-resistant titanium and platinium, ensuring minimal maintenance is needed.
How to use
Before use, Please fill one-third of water bottle with water and wait for 30minutes. Then Press "H2" button to generate H2 gas. This is required for optimum performance.
Quick Cleaning Guide
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