H2 Water dispenser
H2 Water Dispenser
Preparation before use
Power Button
Press the button once to switch on.Press the button again to switch off.
Filter Replacement
It is time to replace the filter when the RED LED Light stays on continuously, approximately every 6 months.The filter works even when it is not replaced, however the amount of dissolved hydrogen in the water could be reduced.
Cleaning Button
This activates the cleaning function.The RED LED Light blinks when 30 Litres of water have been dispensed.At this time, press the cleaning button, and the cleaning process will be activated for 25 seconds. (about 250mL of water will flow out)Press the cleaning button for 3 seconds anyti
Water tank Cleaning
Pull out the blue water tank from the back and clean it. Rinse well.
H2 Button
Press this button to dispense hydrogen rich water. Press button once to start and press again to stop.The maximum operation time is one minute.
1) Press and hold the button for about 0.5 seconds until "Ding" sounds and immediately release the button. About 200ml of water comes out and stops.
2) Even if you hear the first "Ding" sound, keep pressing down the button for about 3 seconds, then, about 1000ml of water comes out and stops.3) Repeat process to dispense more water.
o reset after filter replacement, turn the power off and press the H2 button for 5 seconds.
How to use tap water (Direct plumbing)
Place the product on a flat surface.
Remove the end plug from the back.
Fill a small bowl with water.
When connecting to tap water, remove the end plug from the back, and connect the hose accordingly.
Dip the orange O-Rings, which are on the spout, in the bowl filled with water to soften them then replace the spout.
Insert plug into the power socket.
Use the switch on the back of the product to select either water tank, or direct tap water use.
Press the power button.
Press the H2 button to create hydrogen rich water.
Discard the first 3 cups of water (600mL).
How to use the Blue Water Container
Fill the Blue Water Container with water.
Turn switch to the "OFF" position.
Insert the End-plug into the "Pipe-In" inlet.
Press the power button in the front panel until the blue light goes on.
Press the "H2" button to dispense approximately 3 cups of water (600mL) and discard.
* for the first use and after filter replacement.
Press "H2" button to drink and enjoy Hydrogen rich water.
�� If in operation, press "H2" button to stop dispensing the water.A
When to clean
After dispensing 30L of water, the blue light will turn red and start flashing, indicating that cleaning is required.
Press the "Cleaning" button for a few seconds until water starts to flow again.
Dispense approximately 1 cup of water (250mL) and discard.
The light will then turn blue again.
Press the "H2" button and enjoy hydrogen rich water.
When to replace the filter
When the red light is on permanently, the filter needs replacing.
Press the "Power" button, until the blue light goes off. Remove plug from socket.
Open the filter cabinet. Pull the filter forward from the bottom and unscrew itThen discard used filter.
Replace the filter.
Replace plug into power socket.
Press the "H2" button for a few seconds until you hear a sound.
Press the "Power" button, until the blue light goes on.
Press the "H2" button and enjoy hydrogen rich water.
Method CT-170
Size 175W X 420H X 300D
Power Consumption 100W
Weight 3.5kg
Hydrogen water Output Rate 1�� / min total flow
/ MWater Supply Tap Water or mineral water
Applicable Temperature 4 ~ 30°C
HydrogenGenerator Hydrogen Dissolving Methods Electrolysis, PEM type
Concentration of Dissolved Hydrogen 800 ~ 1,000ppb
Cleaning method Polarity Reversal (Cathode & Anode)
Electrode and membrane Platinum, Titanium, Nafion
Filter Filter Life 6 Months or 1,000��
Media Carbon & Ceramic activation technology, FIR (Far-Infrared Ceramics
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