Hydrogen Inhalation device
Hydrogen Inhalation Device
Hydrogen inhalation for therapeutic use
Hydrogen inhalation is a method to obtain higher levels of molecular hydrogen in comparison to hydrogen dissolved water.
High concentrations of hydrogen obtained through inhalation, is the key to reach therapeutic levels.
A 60 minute session using the hydrogen inhalation device supplies 105.2 mg of hydrogen gas which is equivalent to drinking 176 x 500ml glasses of 1.2ppm of hydrogen dissolved water.
Hydrogen inhalation can be done through a mask or nasal cannula.
The unit supplies continuously 3% concentration of molecular hydrogen gas (H2).
There are four timer settings : 10, 20, 30 and 60 minutes.
The accumulated results are best if used regularly over a certain period of time.
Delivers high levels of molecular hydrogen in the body.
There are no known contraindications or side effects.
Only distilled water must be used.
Molecular Hydrogen Inhaler
Ecolife Q-H2 INHALER
Method PEM (proton exchange membrane) – MEA (membrane electrode assembly)
Power supply AC adapter 5 V
Rated voltage / frequency AC220-240V, 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption 50 W
H2 delvery rate 100 cc (mL)
Pressure protector Automated pressure regulation device.
Size (mm) 136mm X 246mm X 311mm
Weight 2.54kg
Multiple options Inhaling, Drinking, Face washing, and cooking
Recommended water for use Distilled Water, DI water
Purity of gas 99.99%
Water consumption 0.12cc /min
H2 output pressure 10psi
H2 concentration 1-1.2ppm
Selectable operation 10/min, 20/min, 30/min, 60/min - in one go
The safety of molecular Hydrogen Inhalation
The hydrogen explosion limit is 4%-75.6% (volume concentration), which means that hydrogen can explode if the
volume concentration is between 4.0% to 75.6%. However, studies show that when the hydrogen concentration is
below 4.0% or above 75.6%, it is not explosive.
This device produces around 2.0% concentration of hydrogen gas. The hydrogen molecule is the smallest and lightest.
It has a high diffusion rate and can be easily absorbed.
Inhaling Hydrogen is a method of obtaining a large amount of H2
In order to absorb high levels of H2 the inhalation method is key for therapeutic effects. Through inhalation of H2
gas, it is possible to obtain a high concentration of hydrogen in a short period of time.
Inhaled H2 gas is better absorbed by the brain, nervous system, circulatory system and lungs.
The inhalation of H2 gas at a 3% concentration for 30 minutes is equivalent to 15 Litres of H2 dissolved water at a
concentration of 1.0ppm-1.2ppm.
Today, hydrogen inhalation is becoming more widespread and it is now considered to be an alternative or
complimentary method of hydrogen therapy in order to gain maximum health benefits.
Inhaling hydrogen gas may help reduce lung damage, inflammation and oxidative stress.
Operating instructions
Power Button
Press this button to turn on the power after setting the timer.
Press this button to pause the unit. Hold button down
for more than one second to power off the unit.
The power indicator light will come on when the unit is turned on.
Mode Selection Button
When the unit is turned on it will automatically set
to mode 2.
The mode cannot be changed during operation.
Pause unit to change the mode.
Hold down the mode button during operation to turn off the sound.
Press again and hold down to turn on the alert sound.
Time Setting
Each time the display button is pressed the timer will change starting from 10 minutes -> 20 minutes -> 30 minutes -> 60 minutes
Please read before use
Device warm-up instructions
Warm-up mode
When using this product for the first time, or after a period of inactivity,
use warm up mode.
Select mode 3, by touching the mode selection button until 3 lights up.
In warm-up mode, it performs a 3-step operation automatically to prepare the unit for optimal operation.
Press the start button.
The timer will be displayed in seconds while in the warm up mode.
An alarm will sound 3 times to indicate completion of the warm up.
Pausing or setting the time cannot be done during warm-up.
To cancel the warm-up operation, press the mode select button to change the mode, or press the start / stop button, and hold it down for at least 1 second to turn off the power.
How the device is maintained
Only distilled water should be used in the tank to prolong the lifetime of the electrode.
The electrode needs to be changed approximately every 2000 hours.
The indicator light will blink when the electrode needs to be replaced.
Correct use of the H2 inhalation device
In order to maintain the PEM membrane and electrodes within the chamber , only distilled water should be used.
If any other water is used apart from distilled water, the warranty will be void and scale will build up on the PEM membrane.
This will result in reduced efficiency of the PEM membrane.
If the device will not be used for more than a month, please empty the water tank.
Please use warm-up mode when using the unit for the first time or after the device has been inactive for at least a month.
Trouble shooting
When the temperature inside the device goes
above 70C (158F), the machine will show an
error symbol (see above).
Please shut down the system and wait until
the temperature goes down to 40C (104F)
(see above).
An error symbol will appear if there is not
enough distilled water in the tank.
Please top up the tank with distilled water
and use as normal.
An error symbol will appear if there is a
build up of scale on the electrode or when
it is time to replace the electrode which has
a lifetime of approximately 2000 hours.
How to fill the water tank
Please only use distilled water (not tap water or mineral water as this will decrease the lifetime of the unit). Do not use any other liquid apart from distilled water.
Please top up the unit with distilled water before the minimum level is reached.
If the water level goes below the minimum, the unit will automatically switch off.
Please top up with distilled water in order to reuse the unit.
The maximum level is 870ml. This quantity of distilled water should last for approximately 2 months if the unit is used for 2-3 hours a day.
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