Quick Guide
Please read before use
Device warm-up instructions
Warm-up mode
When using this product for the first time, or after a period of inactivity,
use warm up mode.
Select mode 3, by touching the mode selection button until 3 lights up.
In warm-up mode, it performs a 3-step operation automatically to prepare the unit for optimal operation.
Press the start button.
The timer will be displayed in seconds while in the warm up mode.
An alarm will sound 3 times to indicate completion of the warm up.
Pausing or setting the time cannot be done during warm-up.
To cancel the warm-up operation, press the mode select button to change the mode, or press the start / stop button, and hold it down for at least 1 second to turn off the power.
Operating instructions
Power Button
Press this button to turn on the power after setting the timer.
Press this button to pause the unit. Hold button down
for more than one second to power off the unit.
The power indicator light will come on when the unit is turned on.
Mode Selection Button
When the unit is turned on it will automatically set
to mode 2.
The mode cannot be changed during operation.
Pause unit to change the mode.
Hold down the mode button during operation to turn off the sound.
Press again and hold down to turn on the alert sound.
Time Setting
Each time the display button is pressed the timer will change starting from 10 minutes -> 20 minutes -> 30 minutes -> 60 minutes
H2 TUMBLER (PEM Technology - P100)
How to use
Before use, Please fill one-third of water bottle with water and wait for 30minutes. Then Press "H2" button to generate H2 gas.
This is required for optimum performance.
Quick Cleaning Guide
How to use tap water (Direct plumbing)
Place the product on a flat surface.
Remove the end plug from the back.
Fill a small bowl with water.
When connecting to tap water, remove the end plug from the back, and connect the hose accordingly.
Dip the orange O-Rings, which are on the spout, in the bowl filled with water to soften them then replace the spout.
Insert plug into the power socket.
Use the switch on the back of the product to select either water tank, or direct tap water use.
Press the power button.
Press the H2 button to create hydrogen rich water.
Discard the first 3 cups of water (600mL).
How to use the Blue Water Container
Fill the Blue Water Container with water.
Turn switch to the "OFF" position.
Insert the End-plug into the "Pipe-In" inlet.
Press the power button in the front panel until the blue light goes on.
Press the "H2" button to dispense approximately 3 cups of water (600mL) and discard.
* for the first use and after filter replacement.
Press "H2" button to drink and enjoy Hydrogen rich water.
If in operation, press "H2" button to stop dispensing the water.A
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